Aims of NESMP

The North East Strategic Migration Partnership (NESMP) mirrors the boundaries of the Government Office North East, comprising the sub-regions of Durham, Northumberland, Tees Valley and Tyne and Wear.  The original Consortium was established in May 2000 to support the Government’s dispersal policy through a contract and the settlement of refugees. In 2007, the Home Office, our funder added migration to the remit and renamed NES

Five key aims have been identified in this year’s business plan and these are:

  1. Influence local and national policies regarding migration for the benefit of those who live in the North East.
  2. Develop good practice to support partners in meeting the needs of migrants alongside those of existing communities
  3. Collate and share policy, data and research information for partners to enable them meet the needs of all migrants.
  4. Undertake a leadership and enabling role to facilitate strong partnership working in order that the North East can respond to, and benefit from, migration.
  5. Develop and produce a continuation plan for the Partnership beyond 2016.