About The North East Strategic Migration Partnership

The North East Strategic Migration Partnership [NESMP] is a constituted  partnership that works with national and local government and other public, private and voluntary sector organisations to ensure that the North East can manage and benefit from, migration.

NESMP aims to address policy and strategic issues relating to asylum, refugees and migration.

Understanding how migration impacts on and will continue to affect the North East is key to the work of the Partnership. When referring to ‘impact’, we mean impact upon all aspects of life in the region – upon individuals and communities, upon public service, the third sector and the private sector. In our work, we include all categories of migrants that enter and leave our region. As a partnership we define a migrant as a person that moves to the North East from outside of the UK; this includes, but is not limited to, all groups such as refugees, asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers, trafficked persons, undocumented migrants, migrant workers, family migrants and international students.

The Partnership aims to maximise the benefits of migration and to support the prosperity and quality of life of all people in the North East. It also aims to provide a regional leadership and co-ordination role to enable our partners and stakeholders to better address the needs of both our new and emerging as well as host communities.


The purpose of NESMP is to provide strategic leadership, co-ordination and advisory function for migration in the North East Region. 

Communications Matter So Let’s Connect

As our partnerships continue to grow and connect we expect to see a real change in attitude in the North East and hopefully further afield as to how immigration into this area, and indeed the country, is viewed and accepted by the public. If you are unable to connect through our call handling service then please ensure that you contact immediate help from your local Citizens Advice.

Latest News:

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